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"Thanksgiving Cake"

CookingAddic Thanksgiving desserts usually mean pie,  you could try baking a festive cake. Finish off your Thanksgiving feast with this leaf cake. I had this idea for awhile to make this cake for Thanksgiving. We made chocolate leaves with kids a few weeks before. Kids had a blast brushing chocolate on the leaves.

You will need: 

  • Recipe of "Golden Key Cake" from Moms Dish
  • Recipe of  "Easy Honey Cake"
  • Different colors of chocolate melts
  • Chocolate ganache to cover the cake (500 grams of dark 72% chocolate and 500 ml heavy whipping cream) 

Collect leaves of different shapes. Best to get thicker leaves. Thin ones don't peel off well. Wash and dry em. 
Melt the chocolate and brush it on the back of the leaves. Kids loved this project.
Put it to dry on the parchment paper. 
Make some extra leaves, in case some break.  
Golden Key cake was on the top.  (I baked it in 8 inch size cake pan) For  "Golden Key Cake"  I used macadamia nuts and soaked it with half and half. The cake was so delicious!!! We loved it. The "Easy Honey Cake"   is our all time favorite too! (10 inch size)

The Turkey Recipe was the same as always been for 20 years!  

I filled turkey with cous cous after I roast it. 

That's half of the food here:)