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Homemade Sugar Lace Recipe from Scratch

CookingAddic Sugar lace dominated the edible lace market for nearly the past decade!  It was an instant success as it allowed people to decorate cakes with very fine sugar that resembled delicate lace often seen on beautiful wedding dresses. Cake design entered a new realm! Sugar lace has the look of a flexible royal icing. It can be spread and then peeled from the silicone mold and draped around the contours of a cake. These pieces may be made in advance, stored air-tight to retain their flexibility, and used when desired. I tried a few recipes and this one was the winner.

You will need a Lace Mat

1/2 cup boiled water
1 Tbsp Tylose powder 
1 Tbsp powder sugar
2 Tbsp corn starch
1/2 tsp meringue powder/egg white powder
1/2 tsp liquid glucose 
1 tsp glycerin 
1/2 tsp white gel color or one of your choice color

*The water you use can affect the outcome. Your best chance is using distilled water. Avoid mineral, fluoride, or tap water.

Here is a Video I found on youtube. Its missing glycerin and that's really important for flexibility. 

1. Add tylose powder to boiling water and mix until clear.
 Use a hand mixer, it might take a bit of effort. Mix until its clear for the most part.
2. Mix in the confectioner sugar well.
3. Next, add cornstarch and combine. 
4. Mix in the meringue powder/egg white powder.
5. Add liquid glucose and glycerin. 

6. Add white gel color to the mixture.  
You can keep this mix in the refrigerator for a week. 
When you want to use it, let it come to room temperature and give a little mix.

 Here is a Video on how to spread it.
Spread the lace into silicone lace mold. 
I used a dehydrator set on 125 F. Dry for 25 min. For directions drying  with regular oven watch this Video.

Then do a second coat. And dry it again about 30 min. Drying times will be different with various temps and humidity and different sized molds. You can air dry em too at room temp, but it will take hours.

To peel take out the end first.

Then use the spatula to help it come out, while bending the mold. 
When its out you can store it wrapped in to the parchment paper. Then place it in a ziplock bag. I had it stored for a few months.  And its comes out perfect. I paint it with silver airbrush color, used a regular brush. 
Enjoy decorating beautiful cakes! 
 If your sugar lace is too hard: To restore the elasticity, place a slightly damp paper towel on top. You don't want to do this for too long or you will destroy it. 



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