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"Delicious BBQ Grilled Chicken Tenderloins"

These grilled chicken tenderloins are absolutely amazing!!! Soft, tender, juicy chicken tenderloins that aren't dried out. It has a little sweet taste to it. I went to baby shower and these were the big hit at the party. Thank you Tanya for sharing the recipe with us :)


Chicken tenderloins
Montreal chicken seasoning 
BBQ sauce
Salt, pepper, coriander 
Garlic fresh or powder

Rinse chicken sprinkle with Montreal chicken seasoning, salt and coriander. Mix, let it sit for 20 min. Then add a generous amount of mayo to cover it really well. Mix and add garlic then let it marinade for 30 min to a few hrs.
In the separate bowl mix 1/2 cup mayo with 1/2 cup BBQ sauce and 1 tbs sugar. Set it aside. 
Preheat your grill. Grill chicken for 5 min (with the lid closed) on one side then turn to the other side and brush on the BBQ mix. Grill for 5 min and turn to the other side and brush with BBQ mix then  cook for 2 min and turn again cook for 2 min.
Now it's done. Thank You for visiting 




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